Sunday, January 1, 2012


I know everyone makes New Years resolutions, and usually they include: loosing weight, getting out more, saving money, buying a house, etc.. My resolution is simply to change. The areas of my life where I would want to venture deeper would be physical well being, psychological stability, and spiritual contentment.

In 2012 I plan on exercising, meditating, and enjoying nature more. My physical and psychological well being is very important to me, however the last couple years I have settled into the usual routines of life that unfortunately do not aid, but harm my physical body and mind. Some examples are sitting at my office desk a bit too long at work, exercising only occasionally, dwelling on the plight of people in war zones and starving countries, feeling betrayed by politicians I help elect, rarely performing yoga, and eating poor quality food.

I decided to set some goals for myself:
Eat foods with lower cholesterol
Exercise regularly
Perform Yoga every day
Loose some weight

If I can get into a routine in 2012, and make these goals merely habits, mentally it will be effortless, and they will cease being goals, and instead a lifestyle. Perhaps then I will be able to add more goals to attain spiritual contentment and psychological stability.

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