Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The combination of Shakeology in the morning, weight lifting and walking when I get home from work, and going to bed earlier than I used to, is making my days much more enjoyable.  The next goal I have is to improve my chronic congestion I have had for many years.

I thought I was allergic to foods, or maybe it was the smog where I live, that caused my congestion.  Although, after speaking with a doctor about my congestion, he asked a myriad of questions about my working conditions, living conditions, etc.. and did some blood work, and concluded that I am instead allergic to dust.

I know, who doesn't sneeze when dust gets stirred up, right?  No.  What he meant was the dust that is floating around at my office where we make cabinetry is causing my sinuses to over react and eventually shut down.

It is roughly estimated that one in three people have an active allergy at any given time and at least three in four people develop an allergic reaction at least once in their lives. In Western countries between 10–25% of people annually are affected by allergies.

I know a couple other people with the same congestion problems I have, and have recommended they speak with a doctor about it.  I never realized how much dust floats around in the air until I looked at the filters after only one month of air filtration:

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