Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fat, Sick, & Nearly DEAD

I just watched the documentary titled Fat, Sick, & Nearly DEAD and was impressed how people in that documentary overcame their individual weaknesses when it came to diet and lifestyle choices to become healthy again.  The website for the documentary is and you can watch it instantly at

The documentary is centered around an Australian named Joe Cross, who stared in and directed the film.  He filmed himself when he was overweight and suffering from an autoimmune disease that gave him hives all over his body.  He decides to use micronutrients to cure his disease, and to loose weight.  His plan was to drink vegetable and fruit juice for 60 days and travel across America as he does it.  The story broadens when he meets other people who want to follow his example, and actually do start juicing.  Another interesting section of the film takes place after Joe has achieved his weight loss and health goals, and one of the people he met in America calls him in Australia and asks for his help.  He was a truck driver named Phil Staples.

Phil had the same autoimmune disease as Joe, but was much more over weight than Joe was when he started the 60 day juice fast.  Phil weighed 429 pounds!  Throughout the rest of the film they center around Phil, and his struggle to get healthier.  Joe flys back to America to get Phil started down the road to recovery, and by the end of the documentary, Phil is around 220 pounds and is off all his medications and is feeling great.  Several other people Joe inspired in America all have had similar experiences from the juice fast as well.

Very inspiring film, and I recommend everyone watch it whether your thin or fat.

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