Sunday, October 28, 2012


When I visited India a few years ago I met a group of wood carvers outside my hotel.  They made small 12" tall statues of the Hindu gods to sell to the tourists.  I watched them carve with a dremel drill and chisel for a while, deeply impressed with their abilities.  This painting was inspired by a wooden Krishna statue I purchased from one of the artists I met in India.  I would share credit with him if I knew his name.  Many of the temples we visited had painted statues, which also inspired me.

Avyukta means "crystal clear one" and is another name for the avatar Krishna, who is one of ten incarnations of Vishnu.  Vishnu is a deity worshiped in Hinduism.

Dream Catcher

A digital painting inspired from a sculptured electra plasma lamp I was playing with tonight.

I was staring down at this lamp from above it and saw a tunnel form in my imagination.  I got my digital camera out and took 64 pictures.  13 made the cut when I imported and layered them into CS6.  I also used extensive cloning and blending tools to get the highlights and depth illusions.