Saturday, February 23, 2013

Natural Health Magazine

A neighbor of mine who was working for a fundraiser asked me to subscribe to a few magazines for her.  One of the subscriptions I chose was to a magazine called Natural Health Magazine. I am glad that I did.  Many of the articles and advertisements are centered around women, but even men like me can learn something from them.  It has been many years since I had an actual magazine subscription, since I read websites mainly and prefer downloadable versions of publications that I read on my kindle.

As soon as I started flipping through the magazine I noticed little sections with diet related tips, and obscure trivia concerning the health benefits of herbs and food.  Some of these little sections really stuck in my mind, and I wanted to write them down.  When I was looking for a pen I noticed my scissors were laying on the table from when I cut my dog's hair the day before.  I picked them up and started clipping out these sections of the magazine.  Before long I had a few laying in my lap.  Below are the clippings I made.


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