Friday, November 4, 2016


Today I was diagnosed with a liver disease called steatohepatitis, which is also called fatty liver disease.  The diagnosis was confirmed after an ultrasound was performed and blood test ran this last week.  I got lucky that it was picked up this early because I was actually in the ER for food poisoning.  The doctors just happened to detect the liver malfunction after running routine blood tests.

The causes of this particular form of steatohepatitis is unknown, but it is associated with being overweight and having high cholesterol.  The remedy is to loose weight, get more active, and eat more vegetables.  It is also advisable to eat less carbs and protein, and to increase fiber consumption.
I am 41 years old, and not as young as I used to be, so I am going to take this seriously and start trying to turn this condition around by working out, and eating better, while I can.  If you let it get out of control you loose a lot of energy in the end, and can even die from it.  It's a downward spiral in the late phases, and working out would be twice as hard at that phase as it feels now.

My doctor recommended at least 30 minutes of high intensity exercise every day.  I barely exercise as it is, so this will be a big change in lifestyle.  Exercise bike will be my main source of aerobic exercise, and possibly low weight high rep weight lifting as well.  Jogging and similar exercise has always been a challenge for me due to ankle problems and flat feet.  I have a rowing machine as well, so I may use that to add variety.

My doctor also recommended I check out the Mediterranean Diet.  The Mediterranean Diet is recommended for people with this disease because it favors vegetables, low carb, and is easier on the liver.  I bought: Mediterranean Diet: The Ultimate Step By Step 30 Day Diet Plan to Lose 22 Pounds Fast & Achieve Optimum Health (Diabetes, Diabetes Diet, Weight Loss, Lose Weight, Heart Health Book 1) Kindle Edition today for $2.99.  So far it is informative and has given me a place to start.  Eventually I want to get a few cookbooks so I can find recipes that are easy and taste good.  Ideally, I want to make many portions and then freeze the meals for reheating later.

Tonight and tomorrow I plan on figuring out half a dozen recipes and a workout schedule to follow, then I plan on documenting my progress.   In a couple weeks I plan on going back into the hospital for more blood work to see if there is any improvement.

12/13/16 Update: I've lost 9 1/2 pounds of fat and gained a pound of muscle.  Doing better than I hoped, but have a long way to go.

5/25/17 Update: I've lost over 30 pounds of fat and retained my muscle mass.  Blood tests came back normal.  If I keep this up I can claim I've beat it.


  1. Danny, I am very sorry to hear about your condition. I was in the same boat in terms of health about 2 years ago, and exercise did turn my health around. I hope we can find some way to motivate each other on exercising. It will get better, pal!